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6.5 inches Air Fryer Silicone Liner, High Temperature Resistant

6.5 inches Air Fryer Silicone Liner, High Temperature Resistant

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More than 10% baking effect

Through the well-designed striped silicone cable, while improving the air circulation, it can evenly transfer the heat to the food itself, and the baking effect is improved by 10% in a shorter time!!!

Using the whole body and double-sided symmetrical design

Due to the softness of the silicone, whether it is the front or the back, the other side can be turned over to continue to use when needed, which greatly improves the durability of the product.

Green environmental protection is our aim

Using non-disposable placemats can greatly reduce kitchen waste, further protect our environment and reduce the damage of kitchen waste to our ecology.

Reliable & Safe Material

Made of food-grade silicone, heat resistant, non-stick, non-toxic, BPA free high heat resistant material, can withstand temperature range between 400°F.

Easy to clean is also our focus

Generally, the corners of silicone pots are difficult to clean, so we have adopted a double-sided reversible design, which allows us to clean the difficult-to-remove stains on the corners. Suitable for handwashing and dishwashers.

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