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Breast Lift Tape Invisible Adhesive Bra

Breast Lift Tape Invisible Adhesive Bra

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95% cotton, 5% spandex


The chest strap is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, which is soft and comfortable. And it has strong adhesion and retention force, which can hold the breast and is not easy to fall off. Medical-grade adhesive support supports your breasts all day, waterproof and breathable. Everyone's skin sensitivity is different, remember to do a simple skin allergy test before use.

1.97" x 16.4', 2.95" x 16.4', 3.93" x 16.4' are free to cut. All have a mesh on the back so you can cut some pieces to the exact size and then customize them to your desired chest shape. As thin as a cicada's wings, this breast enhancement tape is suitable for A-DD cup size breasts and is perfect for breast support, lift, and contouring.

Compared to strapless bras, the intimate tape gives you more options to wear with any garment, it is comfortable and holds in place, not only does it lift naturally, but it is also invisible under clothing.

Just Apply & Remove:
This body tape for a breast lift is easy to apply once you apply it the way you like, and it gives your breasts an instant lift! When removing the strap, remember to gently and patiently tear it off with lukewarm water and oil, it will come off immediately without causing a lot of tingling.

This Bust Lift Tape is great for deep V, suspender dresses, strapless, swimwear, backless or knitted garments, providing an invisible support lift. Also, breast lift tape is suitable for high heels or shoes to prevent uncomfortable rubbing. It can also be used as a sports tape while swimming or running. Can do as you want!

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