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Personal Portable Bottle Blender with Wireless Charging

Personal Portable Bottle Blender with Wireless Charging

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boxtoheart cordless personal portable blender

Make your own juice daily without fail!

Having a good quality portable blender helps you never lose sight of your diet and fitness goals. If eating healthy and getting fit are your priorities, this portable blender will be of great help to you. You can prepare a post-workout smoothie, a fresh juice, or a meal-replacement shake in less than 1-3 minutes.

Having this cordless portable blender, you can take with you at the office, at the gym, on hikes, at the beach, and on vacation is a sure way to stick to your diet and fitness goals. There will be no excuses, just healthy snacks on the go.

There are almost endless possibilities for recipes you can try with Boxtoheart portable smoothie blender, based on your nutritional needs and preferences.


A portable blender for milkshakes and smoothies has a powerful motor base and 4 food-grade stainless steel 3D blades. The SUS304 stainless steel cutter head made of food-grade electrolysis technology is durable and has excellent mixing ability so that the pulp can be quickly broken without losing dietary fiber.

The mini blender is easy to carry like a water bottle, can hold 350ml of juice, weighs only 460g, has a beautiful appearance and is easy to carry. After juicing, you can replace the bottom with the lid and take it away directly. It is suitable for home, work, school or travel.

The Juicer Cup Ruopah can be opened up and down. Open the lid to drink, open the bottom to clean. This juicer is easy to operate with just one button. Double-tap the switch to turn on the power. As you work, hold it and shake the bottle at 45 degrees for better mixing. The single stirring time is 30 seconds.

The small USB blender is made of food-grade non-toxic eco-friendly PP and ABS material. This smoothie blender uses the most advanced CS+C (Cold Spin+Centrifugal) technology to extract healthy nutrients from fruits and vegetables, allowing you to enjoy fresh nutrition and a good leisure time.

when the juicer cup does not fit into the bottom of the machine, it cannot be started. When the fuselage is separated from the bottom of the machine, it stops working immediately.

boxtoheart cordless personal portable blender

Is A Portable Blender Right For You?

Depending on your lifestyle, a portable blender might be a good option for you. Have such a gadget handy at all times could make things easier for you when it comes to your diet and meal preparation.

boxtoheart cordless personal portable blender

Never Miss Your Morning Shake Again

Take your Blender everywhere you go without having to compromise space & style. Our bottles feature our Silent Blade technology meaning you won't have to worry about causing too much noise while using.

boxtoheart cordless personal portable blender

Slim & Sleek Design

Our bottles were designed to be minimal & aesthetic without sacrificing performance. Stay healthy and with style when you use this portable blender.

boxtoheart cordless personal portable blender

Cleaning Made Easy

Our easy to remove blade and bottle caps makes the whole cleaning process a breeze. No need to worry about leftovers getting stuck in the bottle.

boxtoheart cordless personal portable blender

Easier Way to Charge

It is more convenient and fast to charge by wireless magnetic suction; place the blender in the wireless charging stand, the white breathing light starts to flash, and it only takes 4 to 5 hours to fully charge.

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