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360° rotatable faucet booster, filter head

360° rotatable faucet booster, filter head

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High-quality material:

The faucet booster water saver is made of multi-color matching, PP+ high-quality soft rubber material, using our upgraded version of the rotating tap water filter, sturdy and durable, the interface is adjustable - the applicable interface diameter is 0.6 inches-0.9 inches.

360° Rotation:

The faucet booster can be rotated 360°, and the water pressure is buffered by the blade rotation, which can easily clean the dead corner of the kitchen sink. It really is the best splash guard and filter for a faucet.

Quadruple Filtration:

Kitchen faucet filters can help you remove iron slag, rust, sand, colloids, suspended solids, and various toxic and harmful substances from tap water. Leading water purifiers can escort the health of your family.

Easy to install:

Adjustable snap design, the water-saving faucet is suitable for kitchen sinks, bathrooms, toilet, etc. Easy installation without tools, suitable for most round-hole faucets. In the kitchen or bathroom, water saving 30%~70% (and (compared to standard foam faucet shower)

Use period:

In general, the pressurized faucet filter should be replaced every 2 months or so to obtain a purer water source. It can also be adjusted and replaced according to water quality and water consumption. Of course, it also depends on individual living habits.

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