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LED Outdoor Mosquito Repellent Light, Camping Light

LED Outdoor Mosquito Repellent Light, Camping Light

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Premium Mosquito Zapper:
This bug zapper eliminates any flying insect indoors and outdoors. With UV black light and circuit board technology to lure and kill all types of mosquitoes and flying insects. Uses 30% less energy provides 20% more bulb life and effortlessly gets rid of your annoying bug problem.

Round-the-clock Protection:
The internal high effective 360°electrical grid is reliably fenced with ABS housing to prevent prevents children and pets from touching the charged grid. Our electric bug zapper is durable to withstand rain, wind, and most non-severe weather conditions. Keep your summer evenings pest-free.

Zero Noise & Nature Friendly:
All-Natural premium mosquito zapping system. This outdoor bug zapper with a bulb doesn’t make any sound at all! Non-toxic and chemical-free, with no foul odors. Remove insect debris by flushing or brushing once a week. our bug zapper is sure to become a new essential in your house.

Ultimate Camping Companion:
The bottom of the bug zapper is equipped with 3 lighting modes ( warm light, cold light, and emergency red light). Additional detachable leather Handle for Versatile Hanging. Release your hand and get peace no bug time and enjoy outdoor fun.

Maximum Convenience:
Just plug it in. and turn it on. watch it work. These electric bug zappers can help you get back to what summer's all about, relaxing and enjoying yourself all season long. Allows you to enjoy your outdoor areas free from insect bites and annoyances. Take back your home from irritating insects and enjoy your yard and patio without ever worrying about bug bites.

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