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Silicone Faucet Sink Splash Resistant Tray Drying Pad

Silicone Faucet Sink Splash Resistant Tray Drying Pad

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14.6 x 5.31 inches, with adjustable center hole diameter, suitable for ≤ 2.5 inches faucet pipe. It can easily be installed under the kitchen sink, bathroom, farmhouse, RV, or toilet to keep it clean and dry. The perfect sink accessory.

Our newly designed faucet splash guard is better than other fabric types on the market. Our silicone water catcher pads are made of food-grade silicone, and the faucet pads are designed to drain so you don't have to worry about water being left on the pad or counter.

When you wash your hands or dishes, water splashes on the sink will flow back to the sink along with the automatic silicone pads, eliminating the need for cleaning, saving time, and keeping the countertops dry.

The faucet splash pad is easy to install and can be applied directly to the faucet. The high-quality silicone material can make your product wear-resistant and protect your countertop from being soaked by water droplets. The diversion design of the splash pad allows water droplets to automatically flow to the sink.

Each side is tightly wrapped, not easy to wear and tear, and very suitable for long-term use. It fits easily over the bottom of a kitchen sink, bathroom, farmhouse, RV, or toilet, keeping it clean and dry.

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