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White Noise Machine, Sleep Sound Device

White Noise Machine, Sleep Sound Device

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  • With 15 soothing sounds: Fan, Cannon, Alpha, Piano, Rain, Ocean Waves, Birds, White Noise, and more, this special gift of love will bring complete peace of mind to babies, children, and adults.
  • 3 Timer and Volume: You can set it to play continuously or set a timer to automatically turn off after 10, 30, 60 minutes. The unit's volume levels easily mask disruptive ambient noise. The memory function recalls your last timer, sound, and volume settings the next time you turn it on.
  • Unique design and adaptive sound technology: Φ3.54"*1.89" solid-state design, suitable for home, office, or travel. Get the perfect sleep with adaptive sound technology and cool white light
  • LONG LIFE BATTERY: This cordless noise machine is equipped with a 1200mAh rechargeable battery that can run for 20 hours on a single charge. Lightweight and compact design, you can easily carry it without the limitation of plugs.

Better for your sleep!

  • The specific environment may be your perfect solution. New Seamei sound machine can give you a personalized sleeping environment by blocking the noise to make your sleep better, allows you to listen to suitable sounds without wearing additional headphones, which make you fall asleep faster, you will spend every night in comfort, and wake up every morning refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.
  • Suitable for all kinds of people: - Not only for children and adults but also for babies and old.
  • Perfect gift for mom, dad, sisters, brothers, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, and yourself!

15 Sleep Sounds

Plays 15 curated sleep sounds including fans,cannon,alpha,piano,rain,waves,birds, white noise,wind bell,beats,chakra,stars,alpha(Ⅱ),firewood,train.

For Relaxing

If you are bothered by stress , this sound machine can help you to calm down,with 15 soothing sounds,you can forget all the stress,just enjoy your yoga, spa and relaxing time.

Memory Function

Our machine can automatically restore the previous volume, sound, and time. Don’t need to set your sound and volume every time you use it.

Auto Shut-Off Sleep Timer

Play continuously or set the optional sleep timer with three settings: 10m, 30m, or 60m. Tailor to your bedtime or unique nap routine.


  • Diameter: 3.54 inch
  • Height: 1.9 inch
  • Weight: 204g
  • Packaging: cowhide box + manual + charging cable + product

Cordless Usage

This cordless noise machine has a 1200mAh rechargeable battery for 20 hours continuously running on a single charge. With the lightweight and compact design, you can conveniently carry it without plugs limited.

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